Instructions for Abstract

Instructions for Abstract:

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Introduction: The introduction should clearly characterize the scientific question investigated. Background information should be provided to the extent that it introduces the current study and documents its importance to the literature. A scientific abstract should contain the same type of information as is contained in a full paper, although on a limited and condensed scale. The abstract should have a title, introduction, methods, results, and conclusions. The length of the actual abstract must be no more than 1 printed page conformed to the established margins.

Methods: (materials and analytical procedures used) Materials and Methods used in the study should be briefly explained in this section, for example, what essential reagents were used, what patients or tissue samples were studied, what special techniques were applied and how, and what type of study was performed (e.g. prospective, retrospective, case-control). General reagents (e.g. buffers, deionized water) need not be included if they are not unique to the work. Demonstrate how the methods presented will address the questions in the introduction section.

Results: (Summary of the results in sufficient detail to support conclusion.) Results of significant positive and negative findings should be presented as concisely as possible. Most abstracts are rejected because of inadequate data. To state "results will be presented" is uninformative and of little value. Make sure any conclusions you reach are supported by the data presented.


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Conclusions:  Conclusions should be stated concisely and include any recommendations for future study as well as the implications and significance of the data presented. Do not introduce concepts not considered in the body of the abstract.

References:  References to published literature. If it is necessary to cite references, insert the primary author's name and initials followed by the abbreviated journal title, the year of publication, and the volume and page numbers in parentheses. For example: (Dodd LG. Am J Clin Pathol. 1990;93:141-144.)


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